Emotional Health Workshops

Conquer Your Challenges with Multi-Week Live Workshops

Dr. K's emotional health workshops

range from 4 weeks to 12 weeks

and occur throughout the year.

Are you tired of the status quo?

These workshops, offered throughout the calendar year, provide an opportunity to pursue an emotionally healthy approach to your life by taking action on the things that matter most to you.

Delivered online, you can attend in a safe environment where you can say, do, and be who you need to be in order to visualize, meet, get to know, and then live vicariously through your ideal self.

Each workshop includes:
  • Weekly live one-hour community sessions with Dr. K alongside other high-achievers. These live workshops offer opportunities for live 1-to-1 consults during community sessions!
  • Access to the online course library which contains video lessons to teach the foundational principles of each workshop and strategies to help you thrive.
  • Downloadable worksheets with actionable exercises to be completed between live sessions.
  • Accountability to keep you on track with your goals

These workshops are for you if you feel stuck or imagine there’s something better out there…if you want more and you have a dream of a better version of life for you.

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Loving Me;

Loving You

Are you single and tired of attracting the wrong people? Or perhaps in a relationship but desire to light the fire of excitement again? 

This 9-week session will help you apply acceptance, encouragement, and celebration to your current relationships. Guided reasoning, common sense, and real-world proven actions can take your relationship—with yourself and with others—to an entirely new level.

Ask your significant other to join with you and realize double the result!

Dr. K's Relationships workshop is for you if you want more love in your life.

Begins March 13, 2023

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End Self Criticism

Imagine what it would feel like to silence the negative voices in your head.

In this 90-day End Self-Criticism Workshop, Dr. K will teach you the methods he used (and still uses!) to silence his own self-criticism.

When was the last time you felt "good enough"? Isn't it time you felt that way once and for all? Invest in yourself today so you can believe in yourself the way Dr. K believes in you.

Coming Soon!

Conquer Comparison

Stop Scrolling and Start Living.

Keeping up with the Jones' was hard enough. Now with social media showing the idealized version of people's lives, it's even harder to stop comparing ourselves to others.

That ends now. Instead of using what you think you know, use what you'll learn. Join Conquer Comparison and own your unique greatness!

Online Course Available Now

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Rescuing Rest

Your future doesn't have to look like your past.

Sleep is a critical human function. We need it for energy restoration, memory, brain detoxification, coping resilience, and so much more. Yet it's under attack in our modern world in a way it never has been before.

This four-week self-directed online course gives you the flexibility and convenience to attend around your own schedule (so you can get adequate rest)! Login to establish powerful habits around sleep and mindsets around rest so you can be your very best self. Wake up to better rest!

Coming Soon!

Crush Impostor Syndrome

It's time to stop limiting your potential. 

Do you feel like you're not good enough? That your success is a fluke? That you're faking it until you make it and it's just a matter of time before you're found out?

Don't let impostor syndrome keep you from greatness. Enroll now and help shift how you think and what you believe.

Coming Soon!

Supporting Self

Your Guide for an Emotionally Healthy Holiday Season.

The season that celebrates joy is also the season that seems to support self-criticism and increase stress. Step out of your own shadow and live in joy, during the holiday season and beyond with this 8-week course designed to help you find the wonder within. You will feel inspired to overcome and live vicariously through your own ideal self until you can live within your power more easily.

New workshop coming for 2023!

The Emotionally Healthy Entrepreneur

Information Coming Soon


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Good Mood Plant Food

Has anyone ever told you that you can taste what's possible?

Sustainably lose weight and conquer emotional eating with the consistent support of Dr. K and others struggling with the same challenges. Dr. K has an unwavering belief in you that builds confidence in your capacity to grow and change. When you couple that with knowledge and the tools to move toward healthy eating based upon whole foods and a plant-based lifestyle, you may find a sustainable, healthier you long after this 6-week program comes to a close. Dr. K will teach you the methods he used (and still uses!) to lose 100 pounds and conquer emotional eating.

In Progress

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