Dr. K is your Emotional Health Mentor.

First, he lived the imbalance of emotional unrest for which he found and tested various ways of coping. Then he studied to become a doctor for greater understanding, applying what he learned to help others. By blending compassion and understanding with his knowledge of medicine and nature, Dr. K can help you see beyond the burnout, exhaustion or frustration you experience now and open your eyes to a world of wonder you may not know even exists. What will you find on the other side?

This Is My Story. 

Now Let's Write Yours!

About Dr. K

Most high-achieving professionals and entrepreneurs suffer from chronic stress. I get it. As an Ivy League graduate who then spent 8 years on Wall Street followed by four years in medical school, I've experienced the pain of burnout myself.

I've been blessed to have gone through my struggles in life with obesity, low self-esteem, and intense self-criticism despite being a very high performer (that's me on the left going through all that right after I was promoted to Vice President at Goldman...can you tell? Nobody else could either).

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"I guide high achievers who feel something’s missing (struggling with doubt or unrest) to unearth the possibilities and then pursue them.

I help people find the wonder within and grow to believe in the opportunities ahead, inspiring them to overcome and live vicariously through their ideal selves until they can live IN their power instead."

Exploration alone won’t get you to your destination.

Dr. K. Is an Emotional Health Expert, Naturopathic Doctor, and Life Coach dedicated to helping you take action on the things that matter most to you.

He is a licensed Naturopathic Physician specializing in integrative emotional health and lifestyle medicine who helps professionals and entrepreneurs end burnout by creating unshakeable emotional health.

He is dedicated to providing a SAFE environment where you can say, do, and be who you need to be in order to visualize, meet, get to know, and then live vicariously through your ideal self.

Dr. K's journey led him to leave his career on Wall Street, go back to medical school, and become a naturopathic physician. He was tired of the status quo. He was ready to stop chasing joy and instead live in it. That inspired him to re-invent himself through guided reasoning and real-world proven actions that helped to shift how he thinks and what he believed. These changes allowed him to get out of his own way and even led him to the love of his life!

Dr. K holds degrees from:

Dr. K has helped hundreds of individuals reverse chronic stress, end burnout, and get their lives back.

Still playing it safe? What are you afraid of?

You don't have to live with burnout.

You deserve to reclaim your energy and passion for life.

I'm Ready to Live in Joy!
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Dr. Joseph Allen, OD FAAO

"Dr. K’s content has really helped me through some tough times. His guided meditations, as well as motivational content, has been a real aid for me. Directing me to face anxieties and to self-realizations about my current struggles with both my work and personal relationships."

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Keith Williams

"Dr. K's content has been incredibly helpful and valuable to me, especially at times of overwhelm and admittedly times of anxiety. I turn to Dr. K's course "I Believe in Your Greatness" for clear thought and mediation. I turn to Dr. K's motivational speeches to pump me up.

There is so much supporting medical information delivered in a way that I can understand and appreciate. I am a huge supporter of what Dr. Karthik Ramanan is doing for me, I know you will find the same support and value in any content that he offers."

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Don Rimel

"I have followed Dr. K over a year through his videos, guided meditation, and a visualization course.  I was drawn to his videos based on wanting to unlock my full potential. One of my biggest road blocks was related to anxiety and through Dr. K's content I have been enabled to manage or re-mediate the anxiety to improve my life. Dr. K addresses items like anxiety and self doubt in a holistic approach that integrates mental and physical health."