Emotionally Healthy Company

Emotional Health Benefit Program

HIPAA  considerations can make assessing mental health benefit programs difficult as those focused on mental health often address diagnoses of individuals.

By contrast, Dr. K's Emotionally Healthy Company program treats the cause by teaching individuals at all levels of the company to establish personal and professional environments that foster unshakeable emotional health.

From nutrition to relationships and even steps to overcome trouble with sleeping, Dr. K helps teams shift their self-talk and doubt to a more positive mindset, helping to improve morale, productivity, and engaged participation. 

Emotionally healthy employees tend to be happy employees...and happy employees take action on things that matter—both at home and at work.

Programs are customized for your workplace needs and can include any of the following services:

Emotional Health Mastery

A culture of care (and self-care) starts at the top and we recommend one-to-one coaching for owners and/or the executive team as it sets an example for other employees while fostering a community that values improvement.

In-Office Workshops with Dr. K

Regular group workshops help to create a safe space of connectivity and compassion. They strengthen relationships between participants and build a team dynamic around the participants.

Insiders Club with Dr. K

Your program can include Insiders Club membership for all employees, featuring access to all of Dr. K’s online resources: videos, worksheets, downloadable checklists and more. The Insiders Club also offers invitations to join each of Dr. K’s online workshops offered throughout the year on a variety of topics.

Is the Emotionally Healthy Company benefit program a good fit for you? Schedule a complimentary consult and find out.

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